guthix sale

i might sell full guthix…you can also buy seperate your offers here :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT:also buying full green drag hide and many arrows.oh yes,and an oak short and long.

EDIT AGAIN:btw im lvl 92 :twisted: :twisted: dont know why i said that :wink:

hio lol i have over 1k steel arrows and some bronze and iron post how much u buy ea… i alos have green dargon vambances, chest and legs if u wanna buy

good,i will buy 1k steel arrows for 55k,and the green drag for 20k.

ok no prob add whats_down… i could get alot more arrows but im to lazy lol

well,im still selling my guthix.

Hmmm… 200k, full addy (g) with kite, and full addy (t)?

let me add up…how much is full guth worth again?

I’m actually not sure. Do you have saradomin or zammy armor?

how much for full guthix?

no infil,only got guthix.i could buy sara or offers here for it.(whats down)lol

So, what about my deal?


whats down,i think full guth is 2m.infiltrator,anything else you offer?i added up your stuff and got…1m i think.

I offer 1.3 mil cash, full rune, and if you are a member, a dragon battleaxe and dragon long.

That is around 1.8 mil.

um sorry im not a can you offer any non-member no drag baxe or long.

lol it was a joke i klnow that its worht that much… besides all ic an muster up right now is like 750k… are you still buying those arrows and dragon stuff?

yeah…but i need some time…dont ask why… :?

What about 1k yew logs, 300k, full addy (g) with kite and full addy (t)?

does the t addy have a kite…?

No, sorry.