I got hack because my stupid friend tricked me, do you know where i can get a keylogger so i can have my revenge!!!

nope, maybe on google. You might get keylogger by downloading it though lol

funny you call him a friend, and btw, key loggers can be punished by law if your caught using them as its obtaining information across the web without consent of the owner of that information

You keep great “friends” don’t you, huh?

whats a key logger?
and by the way, how did he trick u?

A keylogger is a program that may be downloaded accidently off the internet or sent deliberately to you via-email. Keyloggers will copy everything you type on your computer and send it back to the “hackers” email. This is very bad, not only will it get your runescape stuff, but it also may get your parents credit card number, and any other important thing that you or your parents may type on the used computer, its a very serious thing.

just download an autoer from a site

This topic should be locked and not post another reply. This invovles piratcy, and should ASAP be locked. Anyways, making sure my reply isn’t spam, I recommend that if a friend even tries to slightly ripp you off (a.k.a. buying an item for half-price ALWAYS from you.) you should take them off your friends. Sorry to hear this happened, but remember, scamming is the scammed’s fault, not the scammer’s fault, the only thing that could bypass this is some special ILLEGAL stuff (piratcy).

dang man that sucks
sorry to hear that
when you say he is your friend, do you know him? or did you meet him in the game. And how did he trick you?

I’m sorry to hear that but he technically isn’t your friend if he stole your account… BTW, if you know this guy personally, just go over to his house and beat the crap out of him until he gives you your account and stuff back… If you know him through the Internet then… Well, he probably was just being friendly and all to get your account… All I can say is try to ask Jagex to work something out… Again, I’m sorry this happened…

Haha! Thats so funny… Well Personally I would say you don’t get keylogger its very bad just like what purplexed_sould said…

Lol I already went to his house and beat the FiretrUCK out of him, but he just won’t give my stuff back…

soz m8 :frowning: hope u get yer stuff back I fell fer all u ppl who get hacked I advise you to cheange your pass every month I say :slight_smile: never make it easy to guess