well im sorta sad and happy at the same time… the reason im sad is because i dont even have 1gp left in coins… but im happy because i still have my p hat… the hacker only took everything in my invatory, which i was staking with…but he couldnt get threw my bank pin… i had worked hard for that money… some of it from sport… but yea… now i dont know what to do… i dont have any gp to stake with… =
i didnt bother to look at the ip adress last logged in because i only logged out for 1 phone call… which was only like 5-8 mins so i thought i can get right back to staking… but i was in alkharid near fire alter…

That stinks, so how’d he do it? Did he guess your pass?

probably not… i scanned my computer and found 6 viruses… thats probably the problem …=\

-.- ouch that sucks, but theres a conselation prize for ya =P.

How much cash?

man… that really sucks horribly like how much gold and what else did you lose?

Sorry to hear about you getting hacked, how much did you lose all together?

Awww…I’m sorry to hear that. Let me know what I can do to help ya out.

Wow that sucks! :frown:
Hope you get your moneys worth back from staking.
Maybe you should sell your phat and stake again.

i had that happen to me once, before bank pins they only took stuff in my inventory (even though bank was close by)

That sucks man! Did u losse heaps, and why did u have alot of cash in your inventory?

i started with 1mill… then won 400k from sport… then i won rune boots from some other guy… then i lost some to spark mac1 and logged out… then when i logged in i had nothing in my invatory left…

That really sucks dude. I hope you can merchant your way back up :yes: .


rule of thumb is, never bring more than 50% of your total money out of your bank at one time unless your buying something that costs all your money. But ya, thast stinks. If you have a phat, it sounds like you can get money so im sure you wont have a problem getting it back.

so u lost about 1-1.2m or so… thats not to bad… well, dont stop playing!! i hate to see u stop just try,try again and get it back!

also, did u loose what u were wearing :confused:

i know it doesnt seem like alot, but it took me tons of time to get that
money… =\

i edited my post but not quick enough…

my other question was

did u loose what u were wearing? if u were wearing nething

no i box for dueling… =(

well atleast you dont use like full guthan for dueling, or that would have sauked…

Dam not another rsr hack. Its always the popular ones. Hope you can get back on your feet soon!