I was hacked yestrday when i went on my noob account after getting some essence to go pking with my friend pk black str on my account rsr pking i checked my friends list and Palidan29 world-72. I said oh crap! someones on my account! Luckily i have a PIN and the thing i had in my invy was 56 minds and i was wering mime top mime legs mime boots power ammy and mind tiara nothing good so when i logged on i was at the bank none of my friends removed or my items =) so nothing bad happend

even ask bryanlam13 i said to him “Someone is on my account!!!”

I made this topic for the reasen to warn you all yes it is real (i changed my pass though its to hard to geuss)

how did it get jacked in the first place?

you think i know???

i don’t have a keylogger or anything (my password was easy to geuss though)

well then…thanks for the warning…(I dont think my password is a word lol


well i saw on this site that your pass must actually be to easy to guess like this maybe
Username: Zezima
Password: Number1
like who can guess that password?

You shoulda changed you’re password while online.

at least nothing got stolen…

oo…so your rsr pker
bryan told me bout that

Unlucky…Good nothing was taken though.

whew your lucky the guy didin’t take anystuff right away!

u lucky ******* i was hacked by my friend! warning dont trust ur friends too much! i mean my pass wasnt even a word and he somehow hacked me! i lost all my stuff!

Umm it was probabally still you, but runescape didnt log you out… they just have a little delay. It happens to me alot too so dont worry about it

dang ur really lucky man…i guess congratz…on not being hacked? while being hacked?

its only a noob account…

same thing happened to me…i almsot lost 4mil :(…but i didnt :slight_smile:

no it was on my main…

How In the heck do u get hacked anyway and Lose all ur stuff

i said already i don’t know how i got hacked but i didn’t lose a single thing!

Sorry that you got hacked, at least you didn’t lose anything valuable. :slight_smile:

Good job you didnt loose all ur stuff, its one of the worst things that can happen on rs :frowning: