see what i got in my hotmail boxs:

Dear RuneScape player,

Today we have to deal with a very big problem that
deals with our servers being hacked by professional
hackers. They are trying to steal our java codes. We
think most of you have hearda bout runescape private
servers.Anything you have heard is not true. Do not
play there. To avoid scamming and hacking we are
picking up information from players who could be
hacked. Because this hacking is occuring, we are asking
that you resubmit your information which could help
us get everything back properly.To enter information
which could help us get everything back in case
something bad happens, please click the link below
to log in and enter following information.

Its only hyperlink, we cant give real link becouse
of safety of our servers. Click link above.

Also you can read more information about private
Runescape servers in our news here:

Runescape news here…

Many thanks,
The RuneScape Customer Service Team.


-Because email isnt very secure we only use it to send 2 messages
(message-centre reminders and lost-password reminders). If you receive any
other email then it is a fake and should be deleted.
-ALL our emails have this warning message at the bottom
-Our emails will NEVER have attachments of any sort
-Jagex staff will NEVER ask you for your password.

but take care don’t put yourname and passeword in this address because
it’s not the real rs page it’s fack!!!
it’snot runescape
it’s runescaie

so never put your passeword and yourusername there ur you gonne lost your accont


lol noob scamer you know these people have some good skills and they waste them on that stuf

Hey,I got that mail too :o

yeah ive seen that email around

I never check my email…I might have one dunno. I wont eve read it i’ll jsut delete it. Is there a way to check ips on emails? Might find the culprit if you can.

Theres a thread like this already made by Beegee.

lol noob scamer my litter sis is a better hacker hahaa

I’ve never gotten one. If I did it’s probably in my bulk mail folder somewhere.