Hacking, an Informative...

A message to all of those in the Off Topic section of RsR. This has no intentions to raise suspicion within this website, I am not a hacker and I haven’t even learned basic html.

This is just availiable for those who know anything about hacking wether or not your a hacker anyone who submits a lot of intormation shouldn’t be considered a hacker but, instead a good researcher, as I am not really that well with researching…

Please help me…

Help would be nice I need alot of information… and those who help me out will be rewarded with Tag’s showing how you helped me… :wink:

what exactly are you asking for?

Wikipedia.Com / Define - Hacker

Sites like that, if you can quote information to help me that would be great…


Updated, can anyone help me with sections of this speech that i have to present monday?

You forgot the gray hat hacker.

Gray Hat Hacker : Gray hat describes a cracker (or, if you prefer, hacker) who exploits a security weakness in a computer system or product in order to bring the weakness to the attention of the owners. Unlike a black hat, a gray hat acts without malicious intent. The goal of a gray hat is to improve system and network security. However, by publicizing a vulnerability, the gray hat may give other crackers the opportunity to exploit it. This differs from the white hat who alerts system owners and vendors of a vulnerability without actually exploiting it in public.

so white hat hackers hack to tell people there a problem? is that against the law?

No, not if they get paid to protect their systems…

btw Ratox by that time in my speach most will be asleep… hehe…

does not anyone care for this topic?

Ok, I didn’t read it all…but I’ll help out as much as I can. Obviously you’ve procrastinated a little bit…seeing as it’s due tomorrow.

^Good resource website^


Meh not really…it’s not an all-day-question, kinda akward.

Just make stuff up for it.

Oh that’s real supportive :thumbsup: …pfft wait…what am I saying?!?:wide-eyed: I do that all the time! It works