"Hacking" Topics

Not to be a mod or anything but every time I log on to RSR there’s always a new topic saying “I’ve benn hacked!!” and frankly its getting really annoying. I give sympathy to the people who have been hacked but its really geting out of hand. People, use virus scans, run them regularly but please stop cloging up the boards. Thank you,


I fully agree with you. It does tend to take up a lot of space on the forums

Well, If you got hacked… Wouldn’t you just act the same way as the victims who have been hacked?

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

lol…i would… because e.g ive been playing for like 1 year and lets say i got hacked, i would feel really miserable and i would actualy want to tell someone because sometimes people want to know why u r not playing the game anymore and also u need to tell some1 just to feel a bit better.

Well. I posted the topic before the majority of the wave of recent hacks. Before Chaosnoob even. Read the existing hack topics to see if you can get any useful information. If someone got hacked, I suppose they should be entitled to vent their anger. I know I did. I agree that the number of hack topics are spiralling out of control and something should be done to limit them.

Well thats good! my lvl 64 account has been hacked and I can’t log on. Recovery dont work and password dont work. I dont hav the right to say that I need maybe a few gp to start off?!?!?!?!

Hehe. Arcdemons1 has already made a hack topic. I’ve posted.

Okay well maye Duke can make a board just for people who have been hacked. As I said I give my sympathy but theres just to many “I’ve been hacked” topics.

I think that posting and telling everyone about what has happened and is good and shows that jagex have to try harder to stop this sort of thing happening and also by posting you can get help and stuff to help u rebuild but i also think that a separate forum should be put on for this like “Account Problems” forum :)…

Some people (not to be named) are working on discovering the source of this problem, that is all that need be known.

Sorry for secrecy =p