lol u stupid cheaters, and mods see how many peeps have viewed this, that shows you haw many people cheat on runescape. well theres no cheats and i want you to feel guilty for cheating or trying to cheat for that matter.

tisk tisk tisk

ohhhh man i better stop doing this kind of stuff then. lol.

I agree with Android Poop Tisk Tisk Tisk

Uhh… No offense or anything but that was a bad move A_Dark… I’m sure Tesni is a person who does check out a lot of posts in this forum… I’d suggest you edit yours cause I don’t think she’ll like what you posted there… I’m not being mean… I’m just trying to keep you and other people from doing things to get warnings or getting banned…

Edit: Glad you edited…

You two androids really need to stop talking to yourselves. 2 spammers from the same ip, who could make that connection. You do any more things like this, and I am banning you both.