Hades619 is having trouble!

I want my friend to see the site. Hes new and having some trouble, I’m wondering if he can post here…

Come on out! :slight_smile:

What sorta trouble are we talking about?

Hes viewing this right now. But whenever he posts, he tell me he gets a message ‘You dont have permission to post’.

Wonder why… >?

0.0 You told me about it before. I would be delighted to meet him :slight_smile:

Validation email.

Has he checked his inbox and clicked the link?

Let me let him know. That may be why…

Well I think Fabian/Kup is right.

He was right. LoL. He should post on here, now. Can anyone move this to introductions?

So is it because he didnt activate his account?

Thats what winter said, I havn’t seen him post yet though, or maybe I just missed it…

My friend posted another thread. Its around here. Just look around for it =\

Can a mod lock this for me please…

So pm him and tell him to make a thread in the Introductions forum where he can personalize his title. :smiley: I think that’d make for a better intro post then this one.