HAHA.. Free sigs?

sayoonara tomodachisan

can i have a sig with Link (from Zelda series) and says Damaster37- The Hylian Hero? Thanks!

i want a sig there james bond stays at the left side and in the sig comes an animated name who says: my name is nistelrooy and when that is gone it should stay: nistelrooy29

allright, ill work on them now

hmmm can i see some examples first? just wnana see what ur capable of :stuck_out_tongue:

Well good luck with your sigs Owl. I’m sure someday you will be better than me. :smiley:

plus my sig and my av
are some examples

ok heres a pre finished of DaMaster’s - i always build them big then shrink them when done, it allows better detail that way

That looks sick, can you size it down? Thanks

ok 2 versions:


Can you make one:
With a warrior or elf… Words in a cool font saying RedWraith0, make it eerie and misty… Thanks…


i can makes your from 100% scrap as i can make 3D elves with my programs :slight_smile: - do you want him in armor or do you want him to look like an evil shaman?

Armor please…


I know this may seem plain bu i want a sig of an eye exactly like the one in my avatar…(in the middle)…then, write below can it say " Waiting in the Dark Abyss " thnx I’d appreaciate it! :slight_smile:


yo owl can u make me 1 with a knight all in black that says Drk Hero?id realy apreciate it

ok heres the eye since its simple, im still working on red’s as itll take the longest being that im not taking someone else’s image to make it, completly from scratch it is:


change the ~ for a ] to make it work

Well, Owl I thank you! I love it…but i need th code.Furthermore, Thnx I’ll put your name in the sig area for your troubles ad appreciation!

done -

Niles, i can do what you want, but i cant animate it =\

Red - i just finished the head of the elf - im working on the body and the armor now

Whoa, you are really good owl, as good as CZ…


Yeah he is pretty good, you think you could make me a sig with axl rose in the middle with foob in the front? If so that would be great.