i am hosting up a new site… http://forums.cjb.net/champiansonlyd.html
join! there’s only 2 users,thuogh. i need mor memebers.i need WAY MORE!
so, i’m posting a deal. join, encorage others to join, be a good member and… i’ll give u free stuff. free steel fulls? also, take adavantige of my offer: give me a gem, and get the ammy!(only up to ruby)
\anyways,plzplzpzlpl join.I’m beggin on my knees… :cry: :frowning:

A steel full helm is really nooby can’t you get anything rune? :?

You call ruby ammy nooby? fine…i’ll give you mith!

Ruby Ammy? Get a glory ammy. Also, why in gods name do people post links to forums on rsr? What’s wrong with rsr? Thats like going to a software company and advertising your new software company…or like going to a store and advertising your new store…there is simply no reason why we would leave the awsome and almighty rsr to join some forums made by a guy who doesnt even know how to write php and html stuff…its a sad sad sad world…