halo 2 pics

its of the back i love the game i wanted to make it my avatar but wont work

cool picture, really like halo! it rules

yeah its like a good pic of halo

ill get another 1 in a sec

Yeah, halo and halo 2 rock! That’s too big to be your avatar, but if you shrunk it, then it could work.

ok ill do that
here is another pic

Halo 2 pwnz…I love it. The pic with the elite is awesome!

its just a scan of the book frunt i just put because i know ppl like halo

It looks great! Halo and halo 2 are so much fun!

here is a halo 2 pic from a magazing i get

That is an oooooollddd pic…i remember those days when that magazine was my life, i read the halo 2 part over and over…I am so ticked off though, because bungie took out the atvs!

here r the halo 2 wepons

Nice weapons. Can they make that weapons availebale (don’t watch my Englisch) for Rune Scape? :twisted:

lol i wish

Hey, who has Xbox live and Halo2? Whats your name on live?

i will have live next mounth

I will get live this week.

cool here is the vehicles

CoMmAnDo89 - Level 19 Team Slayer :slight_smile: (might drop soon, my friends and I mess around too much.)

I have Xbox live. add me im IcarusXX Lvl 8.