Halo 2/ Xbox live

Just wondering if anyone here has halo 2and xbox live cause…well…i guess i wanna play with anyone who wants to and my gamertag is:krytas (gee wonder why?)
my best playlist:
team slayer 31 so add me whenever but put it a voice mail attached saying your from rsr thank you

my friend does…and he got a xbox 360…he got it yesterday from the mountain dew sweepstakes a winner every 10 minutes

I have Halo 2 and I used to play but my subscription ran out. When I get my Xbox 360 tomorrow I will probably be playing Halo 2 a lot… well maybe if I’m not playing Battfield 2:Modern Combat. But my gamertag is Moagg.

I only have 350$ on me so i might wait for the price to drop

well im getting xbox live for xmas than i can play halo 2 online so if i remember than ill add u

im not wasting my money for an xbox for xmas, im gonna buy all for my pc… ps2 is boring now.

hey i gto xbl fro halo2 add mac345 *lol)

i got xbox live im well… kungfumunky

i hope to see u when i play it at a friends house… with my rocket lol.

The rocket is a fire and forget weapon. simply fire, and forget it took no skill at all. remember to always lock onto vehicles so even if you miss, you still have a shot.

(your quote) lolzords i love that video, its so true