Halo Screenshots

I was playing Halo and I was looking at all the good graphics and stuff so I decided to take screenshots here are a few.

These are on computer right?

i remeber halo 1…lol but on Xbox no one plays it anymore that i know of

nice screenies :slight_smile: they are brilliant graphics aren’t they!

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The graphics are better when I play it. It came out a little different on the screenshots.

I like the graphics i dont have a xbox but i borrow my buds now and then and play halo 1

ahh good old halo seems to have slipped off the face of the earth to halo 2, dont get me wrong halo 2 is a superb game but halo started it all, seems a shame to just let it evaporate.

p.s. nice graphics

wow, cool i gotta get halo 2 i hear its a very great game

Halo 1 on xbox hasnt evaporated for me, I still love playing the fast pace action in the campaign.

I play HaloPC.
Well, I personally think Halo1 is better than Halo2.
In Halo2, there are basically no organized storyline.
In some levels you’re the Arbiter, and in some levels you’re MC.

And, who doesn’t love the good old automatic pistol in Halo1!! :smiley:

So true! I have both games, but on more occasions than not, im playing the original. I love Halo2 and got it close to its release, but Halo is an original. Halo2 may have better graphics, but your right, no plot. Anyway, nice screen shots, when i first got Halo1 i was amazed by the graphics(mine is for Xbox though) :slight_smile:

hey give me ur halo2 name so we can have a clan battle 8) 8)

cibola how do u do those lvls for the texts plz tell me

Nice screen shots!

I don’t! I like the sniper rifle,Needler and the fuel rod more!!! :eek: I was enslaved to halo b4 I played RS!

i like halo 1 alot better than halo 2. I found that halo 2 was easier, the guns wetrent as good, and i like the multiplayer on 1 better. i beat halo 2 in 2 days with my friend on LEGENDARY.

i play on wireless sometimes too halo rules