Halo2 vs. Halflife2

Which one do you like better Halo2 or Halflife2? Who will win? Vote now!

The poll closes in 5 days.

Halo 2 blows halflife 2 out of the water, no competition what so ever

On gamespot halo just went to number 1,but halflife was also number 1 a few days ago. You just cant tell which is liked better.

whats half life 2 ever herd of it

go to www.halflife2.com

halo2 would win

halo 2 will kill halflife2 in the polls

halo 2 will win but i prefer half life 2

halo 2 all the way!

half life 2 is better game…halo 2 will win because it is for xbox…the graphics on half life 2 are real compared to halo 2…halo 2 is too short and too easy…

lmao, half life 2 graphics come no were near halo 2, at long distance in game it still looks blocky, halo 2 looks smooth and realistic, play halo 2 on legandry then if you think its easy, even with plas pistol and smg combo (best for elites and other players) they still kill you easily

this topic is pointless(no offence)halo2 kills the world, i mean, if it was not comin out,i would have asked a drigy to kill me :)LOL

yea lol its obvios by poll who wins, half these people never heard of half life let alone half life 2

halo2 too easy?!?! too easy! you must be playing it on easy mode, try heroic, bloody impossible, and then once thats done, you have legendary to try.

halo 2 all the way, half life has turd gameplay, people pay too much attention to graphics these days (not that halo 2 has bad graphics, i could sit and look at the visuals for days on end)

and dont forget half life 2 is on xbox aswell.

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H A L O 2 = DA BOMB!!!
(halflife 2 is boring)

Halo2 is the winner! 100% voted halo!!!

200th post!!! :smiley:

i know the poll is already over butt i have to put in my input, as a new player of halo 2 i would definetle have t o say that its graphics are way better then half life 2, i played halo one time at my friends house and then i just knew i had to get the game. the only time im noy playin it is when im on here or havin a social life, yeah the tasks may be a lil easy nut it still makes it dang hard. im outy

LMAO HALO 2 GRAPHICS BETTER THAN HALO 2…your pc musnt be very good…half life 2 blows halo 2 out of the window on graphics…i comepleted half life 2 a few days ago and it is way way way way better than half life 2…much better…put graphics to full one half life 2 if you wanna see it in great detail…it is amazing…btw guys…have any of you actually played half life 2?? because you cant really say if you havent played it…i have them both and take it from me…half life 2 is MUCH MUCH better…i got bored of halo 2 after a day…

well first off all, if it was 1 spartan against 16 half life players, then the 1 spartan player would win.

is that actually got anything to do with halo 2 vs half life2??