Hand drawn art By: robotgangsta

Well, here is some hand drawn art i drew today, rate it if you want.
Please don’t be cruel, I don’t draw often.
And it was scanned from my scanner. :wink: And sorry bout the erase marks.

lol thats cool u need to teach me how to draw im not all that good i might could post a drawing of mine on here its miroku’s staff

Cool. I would practice it and make a final copy though.

keep it up :slight_smile: its very good

Thats Awsome i give it 9/10

9/10, brother, great job, my drawing really stinks!

Thanks for the rates, and posts.

d*mn good nice job hell 10/10 good job :smiley:

Once again i’d like to say thanks for the comments, i will add more pictures to this series as well.

cool drawing: 9/10 8) :roll: :smiley:

pretty cool picture 8.5/10 good job :slight_smile:

ah cmon smash :lol: it was totally a 9. and u say 8.5… (tisk) 8)

i have the right to rate it however i like… okay a 9 :? :slight_smile: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

you should add lots of more arms… and more swords, and machine bazookas coming out of the shoulder pads… 8)

lyon? u there? aw he left o well

st–smash–44, don’t triple post again or you will get a warning.

It looks a little squished, but that could be from the scanner. A 6/10. Maybe I should try drawing some stuff too!

Very good i am an artisit too, but i need a scanner to show off mine and i need to know whow to put my pics up there. i made over 100 armors drawing, weapons, magic spells, alot of things. 6/10

I hate being honest but I don’t like it :frowning: 2/10

i love it so much i cant get over saying how good it is 9/10 and go look at the post i made about what my brother drew

It’s pretty good.