Happiest Day Of My Life!!!

Liek omg I killed him!

No armor, just whip.
B R A V 3 S is one of the best pkers on RuneScape. He took me down to like 7 hp.


never heard of him b4…and if hes only lvl 87 then i doubt hes the best pking in the game

gratz 0.0?

ya ive seen him in f2p alot hes wicked good is hoeworld is 75 ftw

Look at him in the high scores, and tell me who owns…
Pure’s are supposed to be low lvld…


its cause im so great…

^^Pfft… I own you IRL and you can’t admit it :wink:


well… well… boxes are taking over the world!!!

Boxes ftw?


LOL you beat B R A V 3 S…


Again! boxes are taking over the world!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!



^^Mr Spammeh arrives again. I feel so happy :smiley:


$$ spam ftw @@

so, gratz…:boxedin:

I feel so clhostraphobic (sp?) with all these boxes around me…


lol very nice kill wat lvl r u?

OMG i just looked him up on high scores OMG very very very nice kill how did u beat him?

^^Lvl 85.


Lol lucky (and i mean it)… Well unless you have 99 str and you prolly don’t.

If he were to hit 7 and you to hit lower you woulda been owned xD.


dang braves is ownage

but i mahatma i is better

thats cool… must have been a good fight.