Happy Birthday 2 Me!

It was my birthday on Thursday! Thanks SirKillaKot for the PM :p. Happy B-Day Gym Leader!

Happy b day Gymleader for thursday, hope you had a goodun.

Happy b day for thursday :smiley:

Ur saying gratz to yourself? Thats a bit gay :spin:

Gratz dude, What you got for presents?

happy birth day gymleader hope you get lots of presents

I got 100$ and a surround sound gaming chair for my Xbox.

happy b-day mate :slight_smile: how old are you now? 5 (just kidding…;))

and do you mean SirKillaLot? or Killakot? because i didnt know SirKillaKot existed :stuck_out_tongue:

that is da shit man

Happy birthday, no presents for you though :stuck_out_tongue:

Im 13, teenager punks :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy late Birthday!! Sorry for not sending you a pm :frowning:

yess gym leader is a punk punk punk tenager punk at that lmao man im messing

I always knew you were 12 before so now your 13. Heh, congrats on the new chair and $100 bucks. =O

happy belated b-day and gratz on new chair and hundred dollars