Happy Easter Everyone!

'Twas the day that is Easter and all through the town
Every single Easter egg had been laid down
Hidden bushes and on the branches of trees
To be found by all the kiddies
The kiddies were excited and could not get to sleep,
Their dentists were prepared for each Peep™ .
And mom in her bonnet and I in my cap,
We settled in bed for a short Easter nap.
When out in the lawn I heard a ton of noise,
I thought it must be those punk vandal boys.
Them with their toilet paper and their trash,
To the front door with a baseball bat I did dash.
Good things my hands were steady, but my face was so red
I almost knocked off the Easter Bunny’s head!
In his right hand a basket of eggs,
A look of surprise on his face, and a rubber chicken at his legs.
I invited him in for a quick cup of coffee,
He gave me an egg made completely of toffee.
Now that I know that he is not mad,
I asked him how much candy he had:
"I’ve Nestle! I’ve Hersheys!
and Nabisco and Peeps!!
I’ve Reeses and Kit Kat!
For children in their Sleeps.

He hid them in shoes, in very strange places
When these kids find these eggs, I’ll look at their faces!
I’m sure that you’ll have all this candy to hoard!
Highly rewrote it again, man I must be bored…

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Edit: I was bored and rewrote the first half of “The Night Before Christmas.”

Lol awesome poem! Happy Easter everyone!! (I’m eating mini-eggs right now)

As i right this here in perth australia there is 27 minutes of easter left lol

Happy Easter everyone and nice poem. 10/10.

Nice lil` poem hehe =D

Yeah… Happy easter to everybody out there!


yeh, happy easter to everyone at rsr. i’ve already had my first chocolate-induced puking. but that meant i had even more room for chocolate! my mind works in strange ways… :twisted:

I was bored and rewrote the first half of “The Night Before Christmas.”

Heh, yeah, I was wondering that when I started to read your poem… I was like "Hmm… It kinda takes a theme of the “'Twas the night before christmas” story… But yeah good job on altering it… You really did a good job with that poem… A rare 10/10 from me… But yeah good job, Happy Easter, and keep up the good work…

Yeah happy easter everyone and nice poem

lol, 2 min. away of Eastermonday :stuck_out_tongue:

Great poem, and happy easter everyone! Easter has finally arrived… :wink:

Cool poem, happy Easter!

Here’s a happy easter pic:

Check out what I made:

Twas the day that is easter and all through the town. By this time you can guess all the eggs have been found. Enjoy your holiday, with all the candy you’ll hoard. For this is the anniversary of our Lord.

Hehe JK. Highly made it… It’s awesome.

Easter is a time of joy
For any girl or boy
When I saw the easter bunny
I thought he smelled rather funny

That poem isn’t as good as yours though.

Happy Easter Everybody!

Nice poem!!!
11/10 Thats a rare rate from me but that poem was really good. :smiley:

lol nice poem.happy easter everyone!!

Wow. Great job on the poem. It’s quite funny. Happy Easter everyone.

nice poem ill give it a 9/1000000000

Yes, ~{HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!}~ * Throws Easter Eggs to Everyone on RSR * Have a nice time!!!

Its the day after easter…and i feel like s**t after eating like 50 eggs and feel like constantly throwing up…but other than that its all good lol :smiley: