Happy Thanksgiving!

Is that Turkey thankful that he is being hung upside down to have his throat cut? Is the Turkey thankful that he is going to be slaughtered to satisfy us?
Is the oral gratification really worth that innocent Turkey? Huh?
Humans have Vitamins to take that allows us to live without brutally slaughtering
those innocent animals. Why don’t we? Because meat tastes good? How selfish is that…
Well anyways… Turkey says:

iven though thats sad it has to be.
its called a food chain, we have to eat to survive
human would eat a animal, that animal would eat anther 1
like lion eats zebra, lion has to eat zebra to live.
like humans have the choice to eat meat or not. like vegtarians eat fruits and veges,cause they think its really wrong and they have a choice. same with ppl that want to eat meat.
and i bet if there was a high lifeform than us it would eat us too, and it wouldnt care how we feel

Sorry but I’m not going to say Happy Thanksgiving to a gay person.

Stop trying to be a rebel, turkeys would eat us too if they could.

Go hippie go!
Evry thanksgiving there’s always some people trying to go against everything…Sigh It really brings down the season…
Anyways if you want to “Make a difference” (LMFAO) then go become a vegetarian

Man, how biased are you?!
You and your other account really **** me off, always going around flaming people and being one fat ass jerk.

Ownage, don’t even get worked up over this idiot :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Ah, shaddup, Ownage. I’m getting ****in tired of you. Quit trying to be rebel, we can the damn turkey if we want to.

Ok now your gonna flame me because I’m a Christian and the Bible say Homosexuals are wrong? Wow what a great person.

happy thanksgiving to you to ownage!..that turkey was yummy…mm mm good! :madhatter

As we go through the stages of the food chain, we used to be very low.
At 2 million years ago, we were austropalithicus. 3 Foot tall men. Weak.
We were hunted by the stronger animals, and so were our children. 2 million years later, we are now known as the top of the food chain. We may soon be passed my some other sepecies, but now is our time to kill. Just something I was reading about.
Anyways, millions of turkeys, doubling themselves each year, no mercy is needed here.
Happy Thanksgiving!

So, instead of trying to get me to find Christ, instead you flame me and make me want anything but Christ. Great Christian attitude right there.

I am a vegetarian

We have technology to make Vitamins so that we don’t have to kill animals in case you didn’t know. Animals kill animals because they don’t know how much it hurts for that other animal to die. We do. Why not try to reduce that pain we give them and take Vitamins so we can reduce the mass slaughterings of innocent animals?

Cause vitamins taste bad and are a pain in the but to buy. Its in are nature for us to hunt since very early man with hunters and gatherers.

Oh care’s, it’s a turkey and we eat them.!


Aggreed. And for that guy who said that he doesn’t like gays well…I’m not going to help you again.

Happy Thanksgiving Ownage.

I believe that the reason animals were put on this earth was to either be eaten or just live there. Its just a belief though.

We’re carnivores. We all have to eat to stay alive. No one in their right mind would take a pill when they could have meat, etc.

Because maybe some of us don’t feel like taking ten vitamins every day.

Dang man, im a full on christian and i still wish him a Happy thangsgiving. I hope he enjoys his protein pills, rofl

He wakes up, takes seven or eight different pills, comes on here, posts his weekly sexual orientation, and gets off.

Meanwhile, the rest of us eat a hearty turkey leg.

I had more than the leg, i had both legs, plus nearly 2 pounds of stuffing. Think I just went obese.

Actually, I hate turkey, I prefer chicken or hamburgers :D. I had a roll, mashed 'taters, cole slaw, and some corn pudding. Then I had pumpkin and chocolate pie with vinilla ice cream. Quite tasty, if I do say so myself.