Hardcore [80+ combat]

Hardcore(The Punishers) was started on May 15th 2005. Before Hardcore, this clan was known as Dark Lunatics which was started November 2004. DL was cleaned out of its old problems and gave birth to HC, which is 100% better. Since then, both its members and event list has grown at a brilliant rate, with its activity doubling every month or so. Our core group of PK’ers has been an effective PK’ing force since its beginnings, and we are constantly at work to improve how we function as a group.


Our Requirements: (right now they are 80+ combat so join now before we raise them to 90 again)
90+ combat
85+ magic
85+ range

(if you are under 80 combat, pm me (cashes2) in game and i’ll let you apply at 75-79 combat)

  • meet the team, become involved with one of the best-functioning teams in RS
  • 6 events a week so you never get bored
  • We have “Pker of the Week” awards where the winner wins 500k per week… the more you win the more your prize is
  • Lots of mini wars with other clans, 5 pk trips a week (3 p2p and 2 f2p)

We are mainly a pking/war clan but also hosts

  • drop parties
  • kbd / kalphite trips
  • training sessions, where those who train the hardest and most effectively may win millions of gp.
  • Suggestions welcome - if you have any other events you may like to see then we are more to happy to host them.


Superior Council:
Luck Z-----------97

Frogs Den--------92

Hardcore’s clan combat level average around 93

Rather than joining a simple organisation or group - joining HC gives you the opportunity to work with and get to know a highly focused and effective group of PK’ers that are well-known for supporting their teammates. We expect all members to be able and prepared, in order to find and take as many decent kills as possible on our trips.

We pride ourselves on our ability to control and direct our PK groups, and though we do not count ourselves a ‘strict’ clan where every mistake is punished, our leaders work hard to make our teams effective and our trips successful, and often this requires that our members are kept in line - aware that the leaders are the ones in control.

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HardcoreThe Punishers

To Insure that we accept active members, new applicants are put on a 2 week trial to determine if they are active or not. Visit forums for more information