have a question to ask

i need to know how you go into a members area in a free world.
i am a member and i have seen people do this.

Just log onto members…Who cares if you can access it a little bit before…It’s probably a miner glitch.

MOVED, there is no possible way, whoever told you that is wrong.

Well non members could go to only one member place and that is in varrock where they sell the eye patches.

hmm let me think NOT POSSIBLE

Free Players can access that little village place on the east side of varrok.Where you ahve to open up the gate.And there is a guard there.

i need help getting uo my smithing im lvl 28 but my smithing is only like 10 if you could bring me bronze bars that would help

frodo20051, stay on topic. Your post is irrelevant to the rest of this topic.

sorry for being off topic but u can jump heaps of smithing lvls by knights sword quest

this topic is pointless, i mean why make it if it is not true? well i guess you didn’t know

I think he’s talking about a few places like the one in varrock where you can go into that place but can’t talk to anyone since you have to be a member to talk to them…

Yes you are right there.

The areas that he wants to get into are only available on members servers and that is the last word for this topic.

Unless someone has new evidence to bring to the bench?