have u ever noticed the audience with the mime??

well when i got my 4th mime, i just noticed that there were people siting in the chairs lol
by the way i got glass wall this time…

rofl wow thats awesome never knew that lol!

heh and on the map it has a door at the end aswell… lol
its cos every1 always faces the other way, so they dont see em.
sickmate 8)

I knew that. =P I was waiting for the mime to finish the emote so i was playing with the camera looking around. I think when you examine them it says “a strange creature” or something like that, lol.

grrr…lucky son of a …lol jk jk. grats on the #4mime

damit i should have examined it lol i would be laughing so hard if it really says “a strange creature” lol

Well, I always thought you’d be watched while doing the mime considering your on a stage with a spotlight! Well, cool and congratz on your fourth! :thumbsup: Wish i got even 1 mime though lol

Congrats on the fourth mime. I havent got one mime though so I can’t tell you if I’ve seen an audience or not.

Haven’t gotten one mime yet, sadly, lol. But I’ve seen screenshots with the arudience… I think… Oh well still nice job.

congrats I’m the only one in my house (who plays RS) who hasn’t bin

Congratz on getting more mimes! And nice catch!


i didnt notice that(maybe because iv only been there once)

ive NEVER got a mime or maze. and my friends had like 8 of each!
sickmate 8)

i just dont get it… never gotten one mime in a year and a half.
lol congratz on mime

lol…nevr even thought bout looking at chairs

Ive never gotten a mime either but i got a maze once in the chest at the end was coal lol

Never noticed that…even though I’ve had 2 mimes and 2 mazes! :stuck_out_tongue:
Congrats on the glass emote! :slight_smile:

actually ur probably in the wrong place… ive gotten 4 mimes and 2 mazes in the exact same places…

I need help is there a special place too get mime if so please tell me? Thanks

I’ve had 1 mime, 0 maze since August. I haven’t noticed that but it would be cool if they WERE “strange creatures” lol.