Haz's Sig Shop :D

Well, I’ve only been using photoshop for a bit but have made some sigs for some people (budgieman). So come here if ya wanna sig :smiley:

(I can do a lot better than the one below, that was just a quick 2 minute job)

ye he made my pics of budgies with the weapons hehe thx m8

Heh, no probs dude :wink:

well, i need a new sig. um can u make a red center with black trim and in the middle a warrior and on the side my rs name?

Here ya go:


hey can u make me 1 with my name and some type of hightech warrior and backround

What do you mean like high-tech background? Can you be more specific? E.G. An actual picture?

o Can i have one. Dont supose u could use my picture on the left and enlarge it and put
Short man1 --at top
with this in small below:
Only the Short will be freed
Greens my fav colour so if u can get it mainly green it would be top.
ty alot

Here you go short_man1:


(other guy I’m still waiting for your response…)

Hey i like that, ty very much Haz :smiley:
p.s dont supose u could make it a bit thinner and a bit fatter not much just so its a bit clearer the backround, and the writing small with it to compensate. Dont worry if u cant but i would appreciate it

please can u make me one with plain white background saying:

The underneath saying: Darkness will Prevail…
all in RED font.
(prefferably some kind of Horror Font)

thanks dude!

when i sya hightech i mean like a robot or some like stuff that has to do with technology

I would like a sig with a ranger shooting arrows with fire on it and lightning behind it robin hood hat and boots (dont make it look like characters from rs).
the arrows in air and 1 inside a guy and 1 on the bow , (i want blood on the guys arm and the arrows in the guys arm, so its 3 arrows) an arrow carrier on the guys back.

Make me 2 of these sigs except i want one that says (I MAGEPURE I) on it and the 2nd says (1800 PKED) :slight_smile:


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Umm dude sorry to tell you but your sigs are to big…

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