he he funny frog pic

well i was killing guards in aroungdu and all these frog people came up…
frogmasters gotta see

Rofl, frog paradise.

Ahhahaha, frog’s goign to love it :slight_smile:

yup he he funny =)

lol! i wanna step on them :hyper:

Haha lol, how did everyone get there?

lmao i ent got a froggy mask yet :frowning:

omg,must be all the prince and princess that was a frog and now a human,cool!!

Lol, this is funny.

I didn’t want the mask because it looks ugly. I saw some rangers with it before.

lol lots of frogs

they all where following this one guy… it was a clan or something

its the frog clan we shall ribbit u to death

he he he… the frog clan of death!

funny… lol, w8 till frogmaster sees

lol thats great tere waiting for there leader frogmaster!

10 people in frogmasks cool =[P

Probably a clan.

hahaha thats funny