well, the off topic doesnt have to do with runscape, and some of the members there, lets say, kingofallpie, dont play runescape, and only come here for the forums, and they needa see the header of runescaperealm. though i DO play runescape, and it looks nice, im trying to stick up for the other people when i say this! long speech right there… anyway, lets get to the point. off topic, GR network, and the age of empires forums should each have their own header. yea. and get other advertisements for those sites each, so more people pay the site! 3 more people paying! like the age of empires, some real world money trade or something. (dunno, never played the game) ya know, stuff like that.

Yes has been discussed before. Duke is currently trying to find away around this, whether it means having a GamerzRealm logo or trying to code a way so that, depending on what forum your viewing, it changes.

hmmmm. i see. kk then.