I have seen lots of people wearing headbands, does anyone know if they are available to non members and if yes were can i buy it?

Also is there anything that’s like a hood or anything else that covers your head other then Helmets,coifs, craker crowns or santa hats?

u get em from treasure trails (members) but i think u can have em on f2p if you buy from sum1 (theyre like 50k each)

the only other hood things i can think of are members only…

I dont think they are available to non members because it is reward from a clue scroll (also known as treasure trail), the same source of trimmed armour.

i know that trimmed armour is available to non members by buying them off other layers butn other then that i want a hedband :frowning:

Headbands are only worth 10k each and avaliable to members only. The hoods are prizes from castle wars, red being for zamorak and blue being for srodomin. They are members too.

but non members can still wear them right?

no, the non-members do not have the privilege of wearing member items. Some things like the trimmed armor which the members get from clues free players can use. But, the headband, free players cannot wear as it is a member item.

ah da** :frowning: i wanted a headband

i guess I was wrong, I thought they were available to f2p… (i had absolutely no idea what the price was either I guessed lol :stuck_out_tongue: )

head bands are members only soz guys :?..[/list]