Hehe, take a look at this *wink wink*

^ Ltfairy, my newb account.

nice fake…


lol cool, but you are player mod, you got muting powers :stuck_out_tongue:

nice fake u dumb idiot i had pictures like that it would have been better thoe if you told us it was a fake one instead of trying to lie

err…maybe he was kidding???

I actually think its either a pretty good fake, or a super cool update for p-mods :cool:

and besides guys just say like, nice fake… dont go ripping them apart like freaking blood hounds =\


Fakeban Alert!!! Fake Ban Alert!!! Bring In The Backup!!!:mad:

^^ read the rules and dont double post… just say nice fake you frikin jerk -.-

Are you so ****ing stupid, read the title dumbass, people like you really piss me off…


NOTE: Nice Fake, im sure People that aren’t idiots like the guy i quoted like it to :slight_smile:

^^ go dilson :slight_smile:

anyway that would be an awesome update, and I dont see whats wrong with this fake, let me examine it a bit, then ill get back to you

EDIT: All I can see is that maybe a silver crown by the name, other than that it looks good to me…

nice fake there

haha thats some irish ownage!!! goooo dilson!!! xD

you really said what i was going to but got a hold of my words…im flaming too much on these forums already :slight_smile:

Haha pretty nice… I wonder wat the ban button does look like.

lol nice fake
almost real tho…

Wow, that’s a really good fake, i thought it was real, don’t know about anyone else.

Congratulations. You are the biggest moron on RSR. How does it feel? :duh:

lol real good fake :smiley:

I bet he feels just peachy… ;):conehead: :tired: :bomb: :sigh: :conehead: :ill: :hot: :bomb: :tired: :wide-eyed :frown: :confused: :smiley: :wink: :eek: :mad: :conehead: :sigh: :tired: