hehe this is horrible

rate my horrible fake http://img8.echo.cx/img8/5281/horriblefake8pv.png

Ahh not that bad like a 6/10 from me atleast you gave it a go :slight_smile:

Lol, the words are different colors and the lice is fake looking :stuck_out_tongue: 4/10, sorry but it’s weird :stuck_out_tongue:

lmao cough Lice-Eater! cough

lol funny but not very well edited. 6/10
ur still wearing that Dec plate!? cmon man throw it away! lol

i no my best fake was the kbd one

lmao, its not very well done, but its frickrn hilarous.
edit: and lol he’s right, just like loalch the pl8