Help in merchanting

I need some help in merchanting. I just started out and bought some full black (g), and I’m going to sell for 400k. What should i buy next and how much?

i’m buying seeds for like 5 ea and selling for like 200 ea.

Well for a start full black (g) is worth about 300k…

Yeah I’ve seen it as low as 200k. Buy high valued stuff with a big variety in selling price and of which are in high demand.

Or, just simply take keysers class, he will show you some serious merchanting. The lessons arent very expensive either.

Yes, Keyser’s class I hear is excellent… I got to try that one day… Also, my friend traded a Dragon dagger § for a Guthix torn page, and sold the page for 90k while the dagger was only worth about 45k… You just got to find the right people to sell to


You could buy a Addy Full (g).

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

You could buy iron for 25 each and go on any forum and sell for 100 each… I even have seen as high as 105 so have fun. If u do this with 1k iron ore u can make past 70k each and every day.

i added him to my friend list to talk about taking a class but hes never on!

first u gotta do simple stuff like make steel abrs or something until u have like 2 mil or so then buy something good like a santa or mask or something andbuy it for as low as u can find. Then like go on forums and auction it starting at about like 200k or 100k over how much u got it for. Then u will at least make 100k and posiible more as people ussually go up a lot

I just bought Black (G) legs for only 2k! And a rune longsword for 20k.

i can get a rune long for 16k…

i got black (g) kite for like, 15k.