help me members poisoned dieing (brimhaven) no time...

i was just going around looking for the new dungeon then i remembered that that u need like 1k to get in so decided to kill tribesmen i got 8O poisoned 8O and im dieing of poision plz pm me here bring some anti i am in world 48 at the entrance i will only log in when sum 1 is there. i am really in need i dont wanna die :!:

You should be able to get to a bank in time if u run… Unless you have low hp

i only got 48 hp left i only had 60 lol so noobish of me not to bring an anti

I’m guessing you could get out, make a run for karajma or birminhaven docks (birminhaven right?) and go straight for the bank. If you get real low log out again.

sportfreak i made it lol my friendd helped me please delets or lock this post

grood jorb. BTW if u go to the new dungeon u shud bring food. Even the little annoying guard dogs hit 6’s and it full of dragons, and mosseys, and demons oh my!