Help Me!!

I need help.I started a new account at a friends house.I said he could have ago for a bit.Me and him get bored and do something else and i logged on later on that account and i had nothing.My bank had nothing,nothing on my invertory.i asked my friend what happoned and he said he gave it all to i cant get anything coz its all gone nothing to sell.thats why i need your help please please help me.

want to add me to friends list my rubbish account:thump 6125.

he gave away stuff on a new account? you mean like a tinderbox,shortbow,air runes…?


It’s a big blow if he gave away crap like that

you are basically asking for it if your account sharing.

lesson learned: don’t trust anyone, not even your real life friends if the account is important to you.

Jaex won’t help you as you were breaking their rules with that account.

yep exatcly what cyclops said.

lol that was pretty dumb
btw 2 bad you lost you lost your tinderbox and bronze med :frowning:
ill b happy to giv you 12gp so you can get them back:)

rofl y even let ur freind on a account of urs?

well i let frends on my account … then it got banned for scammin I DIDNT SCAM !!!

but how do you know they didnt? and account sharing is against the rules noob so you deserved to be banned haahahaha

Account sharing is just not good to do. I’ve never done it before and I’m safe…

Oh, and try and earn the money in the account like we all started out, or just work from scratch…

No offense meant at all…

wrong!wrong!wrong!i had about 10k from a friend,full iron armour,a mith pik,
3 uncut sapphires.