Help Needed!!!

Well im becomin member soon so i would like some help. Today i saw some member in f2p with full HAM (i think that wat it called it fully pink) pink boots and a bone for a weapon any1 will help or tell me how to get all of them???


u saw HAM not PAM… the bone wep sucks and HAM is not good eighter

lol pam haha ill fix dat up but it now for defence or attack just wen im sellin stuff to look fancy so do u know how to get any of those items i listed lol???

Full HAM is easy to get, just kill HAM people. I used to thought HAM looked cool when I was a non-member as well. But when you’re a member, you’ll find out there’s much better things than just a HAM.

i like HAM, it tasts salty sometimes…

The best thing to do is turn flax into bowstrings to make money, believe me, money is a must in any members world…it will be boring, but it will pay-off big time in the long run

i dont think you can get it

get wat and ty but how do u get the bone weapon and the pink boots also where is the HAM ppl?