Help on magic training

What would be the best way to train magic from lvl 41 to lvl60? Opinion needed! Thanks.

what about that thing locked up in the wizards tower?

go kill things!

the thing in the wizards tower is a lesser demon

and the best way is to have a good spell that does good amount of damage(whatever the best is)

and keep attacking with it

i disagree.

once you can cast Crumble undead:

casting Crumble Undead gives 50-80+ exp per cast- which, well, is a lot more. go to the cave under varrock, cast in on the lvl 24 skeli’s. there is a small river to cast across to hit them so they cannot attack you. theres no loot because they’re on other side of water, but you’ll level up fast.

also you’ll have a skeli to cast at none stop, unlick wizard tower. and the spell lands hard commonly “up to 15 i believe” so thats just more exp.

it really depends, well I’m suggesting you go to that lesser in the cage, and to save runes only use wind bolt with an air staff. It doesn’t do as much damage but at least your saving money and you get about the same exp with fire anyway.

all i did to get to 60 magic is mad me a hole bunch of air and mind runes and use fire battls since i am a member and casted it on blue dragons in members but if urnot member u could go kill the lesser in the cage over and over agian

you could get lots of nats and cast superheat item on gold ores, or get lots of laws and to the last location you are allowed to teleport to (you’ll get more exp)

if you a member then do the iban blast and you can level really easily

Personally, I’d do the Wind Blast; it only takes some airs and a death rune… But the only problem would be getting the deaths… Oh, and the lesser demon in the Wizrd’s Tower is a pretty good place, since it can’t attack yo… 8) 8)

ur magic exp is not depend how wat lvl of monster u hit, it is depends on how much damage u do. so i suggest to train on guards or knights so u wont waste your runes. blasts hit much better but they cost a lot of money and u cant runecraft them. i would suggest to train on fallys white knights in the torture room