Help! Please replie!

Ive got money and i can wirld rune, which 1 should i get, a rune battle axe, a rune scrimmy, or a rune 2h??? Please answer!

um use the rune battke axe
it has moderate speed and hits good

You should get a rune scimmy.

rune scimmy hits fast and hits pretty good damage

i think you should get the battle axe

i would suggest scimmy

i tell u the ups and downs, skimmy is fast but not as effective, 2 hander iseffective but u get 1 hit and they get two and warhammeris slow but strongish

Get a rune scimmy! It’s very fast and does considerable damage.

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this link should help u

i never noiced that ha! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I have a rune scimmy and a rune battleaxe. I use rune battle axe for pking though because I can hit high with it, especially when I’m using strength potion too. Rune scimmy is good for training though because it’s fast.