hElP PlEaSe

Where Is The Earth Temple?!?!?!?!

hahahahahah I have no idea but that is pretty funny…

check the rsr runecrafting guide

the earth temple is near varrock infact its north-east of it

yea its north-east of varrock

yea take that little trail with the big circle dead-end and the statue…then u should be able to find it from there.

For your viewing information here is all the f2p altars: As I am a master of runecraft:

Earth: near varrock’s east bank ast the guards and near a gate
Fire: Al-kharid between duelin arena and scorpion mines
Water: In lumbridge swamps on the far east south side of the swamps
Air: the woods on the path next to falador
Body: bewteen barb vill and falador near barb vill mostly

If you also want the p2p 1’s i know them all except law!