help plz

could some ne tel me how much a dragon spear § is? :slight_smile:


no clue for me

how do u get the pictures under ur messages?

ty i just got it i traded it 4 my thinks sara helm,black skirt (g) addy legs (g) and 79 addy javelins :slight_smile: was this a gd deal

yea that was a good deal. personally i hate D spear…theyre so slow and the special is pointless.

lol ok i like the special its gd in castle wars cause evry 1 laughs lol :slight_smile:

ohh yea lol. that what u do to the flag runners. lol.

rofl ye i shud try that

i do that all the time, sometimes it doesnt work though. just wait at the bridges for the flag runners and [i] BAM[/b]…then ya wait for all the lvl 100s to catch up :slight_smile:

lol i really h8 the bridges at castle wars because wen ur chasing some one u get stuck behind the bridge grrrrrr

i know…thats why when ur comin up to the bridges u gotta quit followin the person until u pass the bridges.