help somebody stole avvy

Miller 962 or whatever has stole my avatar. can a mod plz help me!

pm duke or iced

You should pm a mod instead of making a thread, its saves thread space and they get it quicker

Im not sure thats against the rules, but I wouldn’t worry about it, chances are he’ll leave in a week.

okay thanks slipknot

unless you uploaded the avatar someone else can use it. If someone finds it on the net, however, they are entitled to use it. You cant do a thing about it.

lothught someoy else stol gymleaders avvy too

Someone stole a sig from me… forgot his name

No one yet has stolen my sig… it just too pointless. Like this thread.

Thingy… Beegee said he made it.

Well that was bad because Gym Leader made it (or so he says.)

If you didn’t make this avatar, or a friend of yours didn’t personally make it for you, there’s no real point… It’s technically up for grabs. But if you did make this, then… PM somebody! :eek:

It was miller963.


Well, only administrators can edit avatars…

Just pm Iced

~ Locked