Help: Which Sig Should I Use?

All the sigs with have the current wording in Signature 1. (and u can think if the color should be changed on font)
I can’t decide which one to chose.

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Lol Off Topic:I Hate You!!! U Got All Of My Questions Right!! Waa! lol I choose…Umm…5

ya im smart! i remembered ur zoo pics and i heared that trick quesition b4 also im a quick typer

and thx on the pic i need more i can’t decide i like them all!

Stop Lying! My Cousin Forced Me To Say Second Question! Ahh well… Oops Still Off Topic :eek: lol

#3 is my fav. Choose it.

They are all good, though i personally like the third one… :wink:

yay, someone agrees with me. It’s a miracle!

i like number 3! go with that

i like 1 and 3 mostly… but i still want more opinions!

i would go with #4

I like #4 the most.

a couple more replies and i will decide

i like 4 best