Help with money on members

I need a bit help with getting good ammount of money on rs thats not so boring but not so dangerous either, I have around 7 hours on rs this week and I am wondering if there any way to get around 1.6m (for d med) in that time in members?

My fletching is only 60
My fishing is 61
Crafting is 50

Any tips? If you want more information on my stats, my rs name is “wiz master 1”

rune ess. will help even cutting yews, iron and steel bars are selling well
the crave in th f2p worlds are cow hides get a bunch of those as well
have fun and mix it up

try mining coal if ur level 41+ mining

Yeah coal always works. Make sure you get loads…

fish lobs and sell!

willows are easy to chop and per every 1k u make 45k

I actually made lots of money with bowstrings. Call me a noob, they sell 100 each. But I’m not exactly a money person. Try merchanting Canifis gloves too, in F2P world of course.