Help with new site!!! (im paying!)

help with new help site!!!
At the moment i need help with my new help site. I will be paying.

If you write a new guide then i will pay you 200k on rs.
The guide has to be good quality (not excellent although if it is i will pay 350k).
Guides currently needed

Money Making
Slayer (350k for this 1!!!)
Agility (300k!!!)

Send the guides to me either by email or pm me here on rsr to send me the guide along with ure rs name.

To view the site click HERE

I sent you first part of my fletching guide.

if ur pating that much i spose i cud make a smithing guide.

Ill make a Slayer oneā€¦im currently working on Slayer. umm can i just PM u the Link to it instead of by Email though? my hotmail isnt working quite right about now.

actually im not sure how to post stuff like that if u tell how me ill do it