Help with prices please

how much is

rune body pl8
rune kite
and rune full helm

not added together plz and thanks

Rune plate: 70k
Rune Kite: 30k
Rune helm: I think around 20k…


thank you

You can also check out Wane0’s Price Guides. They are located on the market forums, I do belive, aand they are very helpful…

-=~ J.T. ~=-

rune kite 30k??? u wish!
rune kites 45k at least and goes up to 55k and rune helms 30k - 40k!

i dunno but its probaly cheaper on members

dude rune pl8’s r NOT 70k there like 60-65k

You guys don’t have to yell at me :cry: Rune kites are around 30k, i can get them for 25k if I’m lucky… And plates are 70k from Oziach…

Rune plates are 84k from Oziach buddy. Rune kites are 50k if you are lucky and rune larges are 35k.

Yes Thats right. IcedEarth is spot on. But From other Players, I can get Rune Pl8’s for 70-75k…