help with signature

can some one plz help me put up a signature im realy new at this and i have no clue how to if u can id realy apreciate it :slight_smile:

Go to User Cp, up on the top navigator bar. See the side bar? Click ‘Edit Signiture’. Then just put in whatever you want, and hit save. Do you want to see it first? Hit Preview.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

yea that helps but i was wondering where u get the things that say like warrior for life if u theres a site i can get one from id be very happy if you could supply me with one bc i looked and i cant find none any furthur help would be gratefull aprieciated

There is a thread that has a ton of those. You can get to it quick if click HERE

Is that what you wanted?

Thread is here:

EDIT: Dam Magekill beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

ty for all the help i put the codes in and there no showing up doas it take a while or should it take a few minutes or something for the sigs to show and another thing can i get a link to a place where i can get a sig that shows my stats?