Help with wiz pker

:twisted: i’m a pker in training, i need help to understand the formula that appears on the “magic” help skill guide, and if someone can help me with all the tips u can to survive in wildy i could really apreciate.

c’mon guys, i know many there have read it, plz be modest enough to reply!

when im killing i sorta stay behind the person im killing and wait till his distracted i:e a mouse attacks and then you attack works for me i got monks robe addy full helm addy plate rune sword :evil: 8O

i would say that u should be a mage when u ppk cause u can get rune easily

YEAH! :stuck_out_tongue: thats true, fighters DO die easely when fighting mages :twisted:

get ur lmage lvl to 13 and don’t raise ne otha stat and u will be a pure mage

i have never died in the wild
first thing is food
another good thing is prayer
thats all you need to survive
no other potions you need to survive actually you dont even need prayer that much

but if you want to become a pker you in magic use high spells and make sure the guy pretty close to you not too far so you can at least get hits on it no matter what

get a high level if you dont want to be attacked all you really need is defence take it to at least 70 and a good magic level and you’ll never have worries about dying fast

If you a going to be using magic in the wilderness focus only on attacking people with full rune\melee people, Because magic is highly effective when the enemy is wearing rune armour.

I like to give mages 5 atk 5 str and 20 def the atk and str is for training def. Also dont mage with curse cuz it doesnt give hp exp which mages need more than nething. 1 def means most ppl will 3 hit u or less. This is very bad for obvious reasons. Slightly higher def allows u to survive for food.