im really confused can any1 plz tell me how i can take screenshots

thx who evr voted kind of because i was the 1 who voted duh lol

wow like 30 hits alredy :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Please don’t double post, it is against the forum rules.

Also, you can look in the screenshot sections, in one of the stickied topics by Dedmenwalkn.

o sry i didnt no i couldnt double post i just became a rsr member 1 day ago

yea and u got u post count higher than some of us that have been here longer and who post legit stuff (INO: U SPAMM TOO MUCH) and use the print scr key and paste ure pic into image prog like paint

Try to look around in the forum that is related to this kind of stuff next time. It helps a lot :smiley: