Geee… i’m doing the Demon slayer quest. i got the silverlight, but it seems to me that i can’t beat the demon… i died sooo many times :frowning: (i’m a ranger. ot so good using a sword). i lots of chickens, meats, and cabbage… the dark wizards kept on attacking me, and i can’t even kill the demon because of the wizards annoying me. when i’m going to attack the demon the wizard attacked me and i automatically moved toward them.
i didn’t have alot od armors because i was afraid if i’m going to get killed and someone will get it… pls give some tips on killing the demon (i’m not begging k? just asking)

When I did it (on my ranger account) I only had 3 attack. I just kept on hitting it until he died. I’d say get the best food that you can (thought I used trout) and go kill it. There’s not a whole lot you can do when it comes to the dark wizards - just try to avoid them… run up to the demon and hit it right away.

i don’t know what combat level you are, but you should try to be about 25+ to make this an easy quest. when i did it, i think i was level 30 something, so it was pretty simple. also, try to have some good food too. lobsters are probably the best and most affordable. if you fail a few times, just keep on trying, you’ll get it sometime. also remember, higher levels can never hurt

well y dont you turn auto retaliate off and take lots of chikens thats wshat i did

i don’t remember what combat lvl i was on,but i can give a tip… go there when there is a lot of people… then the attack the wisard and u can kill the deamoin meanvile… happy hunting :smiley: