Hi my name is matvey i have aproblem
i had a fight with my girl yesterday and now today i see her kissing my best frend.First i came up to them and said-“wut da hell r u doing” to my frend and “Y r u doing to me this” to my girl she ran home
my frend stayed ther and saw my angry face,i said to him how could u kiss my girl u F**k , he said nothing i punched him in the face a few times
then he said-" she like wanted it", i said-“so,couldent u say no”
then he sayd nothing and i went home
NOW i dont know wut to do, dump my girl or not , but i still love her
and i am drunk cuz of the pain in my hart

POST ur thouts wut should i do,plz

OK dude, i will ask before i post this topic for ur forgiveness, i guess u could take a post such as next one:

-Dammit man!! U dont just go around punching people in the face!!! I know he had it comin’ when he messed with ur girl, but since she “was not ur gal” anymore, u had no right to break his nose. Yea yea, i know he was a dumb bastard in messing with his best friend’s gal, but whatever dude. Plus, liquor wont fix your heart, it will just hurt ya liver. I know that in situations like this a bottle of tequila seems verry tempting, but same goes to harcore music and punching walls (my way to ease the pain, lil iron maiden + a nice brick wall + my fists = aaw, no more (heart) pain)
Lol man, u’ll get ova it, belive me, i’m 15 and already i have saw several (insert offensive name to a girl here) break my heart, but that is one strong mussle, dont worry dude, go make some coffe and stop drinking for a start :wink:

Well… Just because of that, I dont really think you should of like punched him… Some friend you are… ( I Know I sound Harsh, But you don’t punch your best friends ) And I say you should just make it up with her… You still Like her…

i really dont think you should have punched him in the face…

Yeah, punching him in the face was going a tad bit too far… I mean if you just yelled at him for being disloyal in terms of succumbing to your girlfriend, then I would have been like “Yeah, that may have been a good enough punishment for your friend because he succumbed too quick to your girlfriend” but I think it’s mostly your girlfriend’s fault for putting him in that situation… But yeah, I know you love her and all but I think the best thing to do is sit her down and ask her if she really loves you because she may have just been playing you off for certain things but didn’t really care for a close relationship… Your best friend was just there at the wrong place at the wrong time… Sorry if I sound harsh…