it says that my computer is infected by spyware wat should i do??? wats the best spyware scanner watever that i should download???help…also my desktop background is blue…:frown:

i had that prob earlyer wanna know what i did i did computer recovey and reinstaled my spy bot killa lot its a very good anti virus program type the url too what you want gone and its gone

rune yahoo anti spy 1st that might solve the prob

i mean directery by url

spybot s&d

mmmmm me like that 1 its good

AVG Free search is as good as norton…and for sure spybot search and destroy!

there is also spyware doctor and spy sweeper

get them from

I got 3 :stuck_out_tongue: u can never be sure
1.Norton Antivirus
2.Spyware Doctor
3.Spybot-Search & Destroy

ok i cant remove the items and i downloaded spy bot and when i click remove items it says that i hve to click yes to register.

Me got…LOTS!
Is Webroot Spysweeper ™ good?? I hav it.

spybot! that stuff owns!

ok i just dowloaded spybot s&d…and im fixing it.thx for all the help…

EDIT:it says that theres 10 items that it cant be deleted and are in use and said that i should restart the computer. wat do i do next?