thats right you saw it here first… 2k tarromin herbs…

(if anyone wants to buy just say something)

And I thought buying 250 tarro was good :p, though I bought loads of others too. How’d you get so many? Well, with such an even number, it seems they were bought, might I ask the price you payed for them?

~ ewok

Wow that’s alot… how long did it take you to get that many? How much are you selling for?

i traded d med for 2k tarromin and 263k cash… and im hoping for atleast 800gp per tarromin

I might want to buy like 100+ tarromin. Assuming that’s real of course. :wink: Contact me in-game please. Thanks!

~Infiltrator4 :ninja:

i wouldve taken 2k Un Ids rather than Tarromins, Un Ids go for 1k each and are easy to sell.

lol well 2k of one kind of unid is kinda rare :slight_smile:

Whoa Nelly! Sweet!!! :huge:


wow…that’ll fetch a pretty penny=)