Here Are my stats

heres a account i am currently training

I am not training for anything in particualr but what skill should be most inportant to train on and where? I am non member

Train woodcutting in draynor, and train magic by killing dark wizards with melee, take the rune drops and mage them when you have enough.

Wow, those are acutally really good stats for a person for your level… It’s kinda like mine where there’s a bit of an emphasis on the non-combat skills… But yeah, if you’re thinking about making a lot of money with that account then I suggest the woodcutting leveling tactic that Rachet11 advised… Well, as much as you need to up to 60 when you can cut yews… BTW, if you haven’t done the Dragon Slayer quest yet, then I might suggest leveling up on your defense… I know you have the level to wear rune and all but having at least 45 on every melee combat stat will help greatly against the dragon… Other than that, I think your mining level is really good considering it’s higher than your combat… Like mine… Combat being level 60 and mining being level 63… Just two more until the mining guild and only one more with the stout… Your fishing and cooking are really good as well for your level… Other than that, all of your other stats are good as well… Well, good luck training in the future, sorry for not putting any advice on training your other levels besides the one that Rachet11 put…

You have good stats, ecspecially for your lvl… I suggest you train on your ranging… You need a bit of boosting up there. :wink: